Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If I'd Wanted a Sauna, I'd Have Gone to a Sauna

Can anyone tell me one good reason why A GYM would have their thermostat set at *82 degrees?

If I recover from my heat stroke, I will blog tomorrow.

*This would be an actual temperature of 82 degrees. I saw it with my own two eyes right before they rolled back in my head.


Angela said...

Even if you're in alaska or idaho like me you wouldn't have anything set to 82 degrees. Thats totally worth a HUGE complaint. When you recover that is.

Amy said...

That good, huh?

Queen Mother said...

Perhaps Richard Simmons was in the building. You know--"sweatin' to the oldies".

bohgirl said...

I'm sorry, what's this "gym" you speak of?