Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Me vs. Mr. Scary

The King, Princess and I had to run to The King's place of business late the other night. He needed to pick up something he had forgotten, so he pulled to the back of the building and dashed inside.

He left the car running so that The Princess could continue watching her movie. You know it is considered child abuse in this day and age to not allow your children to watch ANIMATION at every possible moment.

Anyway, I am sitting in the passenger seat enjoying my moments of quiet (we have shared the news with The Princess that car televisions do not work without headphones), when I see something out of the corner of my eye. THERE IS A MAN STANDING AT MY WINDOW. He is, like, 10 inches from my face STANDING AT MY WINDOW.

I seriously could not catch my breath. All of those skills that I am certain will kick in when necessary DON'T KICK IN.

He walked around to The Princess and stood at her window. those skills are kickin' in. I kind of waved him to the driver's window and stare him down while I pick up my phone and dial The King.

Oh goodie.

The King's phone lights up and starts ringing in the driver's seat.

Sidebar: The King is never without his phone. I wake up in the night to find him texting or checking messages. If a customer emails a problem at 3 a.m., by golly, we handle that problem at 3 a.m. (He really has excellent customer service skills.)

So, Mr. Scary and I are both staring at the bright ringing phone in the driver's seat. I'm waaaay to smart for him, though. I start talking into my phone like I've got 911 on the line.

About that time, The King makes his appearance. Hallelujah. He asks Mr. Scary what he needs. Apparently, Mr. Scary really needed $0.81. I think it is safe to say that Mr. Scary had a few too many that night.

Lessons learned: Always keep your doors locked and feel free to dial The King at any hour of the night.


Amy said...

The King without his phone...that never happens. Was he feeling ok? Glad everything turned out ok.

Jeni Allen said...

Wow! That's scary. We always lock the doors while sitting in the car, even though we've never had a problem.

Queen Mother said...

Oh my! Which is the scariest? The man at the window (my alltime scary dream) or the King WITHOUT HIS CRACKBERRY UHH PHONE!!! Did he have fever? Did you give him a pinch to see if it was really him?
You used to pull my hair to see if I was really your mother but since the King has no hair.....

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Holy crap! I'm scared, and I wasn't even there. Anytime a person shows up next to me unannounced, I jump a few inches and shed a few years of my mortal life.

Org Junkie said...

LOL, we call it a Crackberry around here too! That is very scary, so glad it had a happy ending!

Rocks In My Dryer said...

My heart is pounding! Scary!

Fresh Girl said...

Yikes! Mr. Scary was aptly named, 'cause that scared me and I wasn't even there.

Jenny said...

OH my goodness!!!! That would make me pee my pants! Glad the King came to your rescue!!!