Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Baby Steps

Ok. I get it. Small steps lead to clean cabinets.

I followed your advice and tackled a little...which led to a little more.

I cleaned out one entire cabinet. ONE ENTIRE CABINET!! Which then led to:

a clean china cabinet
a clean entertainment center
two clean chest of drawers
four clean random cabinets
and...I organized all my DVDs and CDs and put them in a holder-thing.

But NO playroom!

See the improvement?



I couldn't quite make it to the cabinet on the other side. Waaayyy to much stuff over there.

I did, however, balance the twin cabinets by adding a bunny to the cabinet on your left (tall, gold and turned sideways on the top shelf).

I'm sorry to confess that I felt compelled to keep the green and pink cups. I even added some orange ones to my collection. I found those in the very back. You just never know when I might need to serve 27 people in neon cups.

The King carried 3 boxes to the attic (which apparently required a little bit of huffing and sighing). I filled 3 trash bags. I have a pile started for Goodwill.

Thanks for the advice.

I am much happier.


Queen Mother said...

Good for you!!! Your day will be much more pleasant with a clean closet(s). Have fun!

The Fritz Facts said...

It looks fabulous! Great job! It is a great feeling when you are done, and don't have to stress about it any more.

Jeni Allen said...

That looks much better! You're an inspiration to us all! :-)

ames said...

wow, I hope you did a victory lap after finishing off each one of those! That's an impressive organizing frenzy.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

You're amazing.

Are you sure you aren't pregnant? Because I hear that whole "Martha Stewart couldn't match this organizing frenzy" thing can be a sign.

Not that I would know or anything....

Amy said...

I think the playroom is something to save for a really rainy or really snowy day! :) Great job!

Big Red Driver said...

Now don't let anyone near it because you know the first person that goes in it to get something will mess the whole thing up!

Org Junkie said...

Woohoo, I love it! Sorry I missed your post from yesterday. Getting started is the worst part. Once you get going it becomes addictive. Look at you go! You should join my challenge. It's not too late!!

Laura (the organizing junkie)