Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fake Spring

Oh, Friends. The weather? It is playing tricks on me.

You see, it was 75 degrees yesterday. 75 glorious, sunny degrees.

Tonight? There is a chance of snow with a windchill of 12.

What is that about?

So, now I am pretending that it is spring.

I want to share a few wonderful new products I've found that are helping me enjoy this pseudo season.

This new line of products from Williams-Sonoma is delightful! I am using the Asian Plum Mandarin scent right now, but I had a hard time making a decision...they all smell really good. The dishwashing liquid makes my entire kitchen smell divine. DIVINE.

Yankee Candle has recently introduced their new spring scents, and there are 3 that I love: Black Cherry, Water Garden and Tahitian Tiare Flower. Yummy. If you sign up for their online coupons, you will be happy. I just got a coupon for buy 2 get 1 free. Which works out kind of perfectly since there are 3 candles that I want...no, I need.

Tide really makes me happy with the Water Lily and Jasmine. Really happy.

Bath and Body Works has a new wallflower scent that is lovely. It is Velvet Tuberose and it is fabulous. Like, I want to use the bubble bath, lotion and spray. But then I'd get sick of it and the smell would begin to make me nauseous. So I just got the wallflower. And I am feeling good.

And these shoes? Perfect for enjoying the new season.

Isn't fake spring great?


Lisa @ Take90West said...

The shoes are perfect! Just the kind I will need after all this snow is gone.

dcrmom said...

CUTE SHOES! I want to pretend it is spring too, but here in PA we have a lot of winter left to endure, so I better not even THINK about spring or I'll fall into a funk of epidemic proportions.

No, I'm not melodramatic AT ALL.

Hi, by the way, lol. I found your site from Everyday Design's gallery.

Robin said...

Hmmmm, you are quite the olfactory girl :). ALL those smells!! But, yes ma'am...they're the good kind! Williams-Sonoma...Bath & Body...Yankee Candle?

Mmmmmmm :).

The shoes, however, aren't exactly what I was expecting....

Kelly @ Love Well said...

What I wouldn't give for some fake spring right now....

Great product recommendations. I'm still in love with Tide's Pure Essential's White Lilac. (Speaking of fake spring -- lilacs are my FAVORITE!) But maybe I'll have to branch out.

(HA! Get it? Branch?!? Fake spring?!? ... OK. I'm done now.)

Mrs. Jules said...

The girls and I did a lot of Bath & Body shopping for Christmas last year. Miss J received their Coconut Lime as a gift...Mom's indulging in it, too.

Autumn said...

I have a bad habit of saving all of my candles for some apparent impromptu mega party that may or may happen at my house. This party never happens... or when it does happen, I forget the candles. So I've vowed to light a candle everyday to use up my stock.

Ahem, that said, I totally signed up for the Yankee email list.... ya know, for the um, regular everyday stock.

chickadee said...

the weather is freaky. we are waiting on the tornados to go through today.

Anonymous said...

We are waiting on the weather to get here tonight- OKay I am a candle freak too-
After buying expensive candles for years, my absolute favorite candles are the HOME TRENDS brand at Wal Mart-The Medium size is the best because it has 3 wicks and smells the entire house up- They cost about $4.75 and last over 2 weeks- I love the Warm Apple pie scent- Apparently others have caught on in MS because most of our Wal Marts sell out quickly! Best $ I have ever spent on candles!