Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Royal Mandate

I'm sorry for the second post in, like, an hour, but important matters override blogging wisdom.

The King has an issue.

He has lost his mind and is considering purchasing the new as-yet-untested-or-reviewed Apple MacBook Air.

He's, of course, never had an Apple. But he is "fed up with all these stupid error messages and freakin' viruses".

Thus sayeth The King.

My hope is that maybe some of you (or one of you?) has switched to Mac and can tell me (who will sweetly tell him) if it is a good idea. To completely switch your systems in the middle of your end of the year reports.

Thank you for your time.


Headless Mom said...

OOh! This one I know something about. I work on a mac and my brother is a computer guy. Last fall we were buying a laptop for my niece who was on her way to college and asked his advice. He said mac all the way-no error stuff, all of the office programs you're used to, file sharing made easy, plus itunes, photo, movie, and some new music-making thing that is addictive (if you're into that kind of thing.) My mac, although old, is SOOOOO easy to use and fix if there is a problem, which is never.

And btw windows vista has the worst ratings EVER for a new OS. Brother said if you go with a pc to 'downgrade' the OS-don't bother with vista. I can get the links to the articles if you need them, I think.

Hope that helps, (as though my vote counts...).

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Mac = good.

Trying to do a switch systems in the middle of reporting = bad.

To the King I say: Agonize through the rest of the year of the end reports, curse Windows all the while and comfort yourself with the thought that when this is over, you'll get a Mac and never look back.

(HA! I rhymed. I wonder if Apple is looking for a new marking executive.)

Fresh Girl said...

Oh my goodness! Macs are a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Once he goes Mac, he'll never go back! I don't know nuthin' about year end reports, so couldn't say whether switching in the middle would be a good thing or not, but if I had the money, I'd snap up that new MacBook in a hot second.

They're easy, reliable, FUN, and best of all, no stupid Windows stuff to deal with. I had a Mac as my first computer, way back in '93 and for some reason I lost my head and went to a PC for my next one, and my next one, and my next one....all in quick succession because HELLO! they weren't nearly as good. But I learned my lesson a couple of years ago and got myself a fantabulous MacBook and life is good again. :)

Chuck said...

I am a MAC switcher which happened a couple of years ago and I have loved it. I just recently moved my parents over and I will be finishing up moving my in-laws over this weekend.

I am all for people moving to a MAC from Windows, but there are things to consider. I don't know that I would recommend going with the Air as your first MAC or sole computer, especially since it is a first gen product.

Email me anytime, if you would like to discuss things further. I will be glad to help in anyway I can.


chickadee said...

i can't help you out but i laughed when i saw your post because my husband just did a very similar thing and i just blogged about it.

Anonymous said...

I have a Mac and was so used to a PC I wasn't sure I'd like it. I changed because I wanted to use it in the kitchen and so I got the Mac mini. My husband is an IT and was unsure of the change. But, I love it! REALLY easy to use and I have had little trouble with convesions and whatnot. I will say that there are a few programs that I miss but an overall happy!

racheariel said...

I'm so jealous! I want a new mac air! I love apple computers and would never ever buy anything else. Aside form all the million reasons why macs are so much more amazing than pcs - the customer service and technical help at apple stores (and on the phone) is phenomenal. If for no other reason than the support, i would tell anyone to switch to a mac!
the other thing is, its not like you have to give up your previous computer immediately. So if the switch isn't as fast as you'd like it to be, the end of year reports can always be done on the old computer.

Mrs. Jules said...

We LOVE our Mac, and the programs that go with much fun! My husband was actually hosting a booth at Macworld yesterday when this notebook was unveiled (I'm still a little green). The first thing he said on the phone was that he was going to get one...not that his wife had any say in the matter. :)

donna said...

My husband is the biggest tech geek ever and is glued to his computer 24 hrs a day (ok not quite). He just bought a Mac a few days ago after fighting with PC's forever. I was shocked that he switched, but he is totally and completely in love!!! He just keeps oohing and aahing over every little thing. He cannot believe how simple and cooperative this new Mac has been right out of the box. Now I want one too!

Anonymous said...

Until recently I made my living providing computer support.

I am a PC girl. Have been since all the way back when we were using DOS 2.1. But when I saw they Air Book I was wanting one big time.

Maybe because I do not want to deal with Vista. :)

Angela said...

I think we're all drooling over the air. But, price wise I'd go with another mac book or whatever. Every mac person I know is super happy with them, just don't start with the most expensive, work your way up and get comfortable with them first.