Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Suppose I'd Have Made It 8 Years...

The Confession:

When everyone was living in fear of the Y2K disaster...I was pretty cool about it.

Until I read some creepy book by a "reputable" Christian author that said we'd be living in a nuclear wasteland. (I wonder what happened to his career?)

I became a little bit (totally) freaked out and bought a lot of tuna and water.

And Saran Wrap.

I don't know why I bought loads of Saran Wrap.

But I did.

Yesterday...January 9, 2008...I used the last of it.

The Proof:

Look at the date.

What in the world was I gonna do with 8 years of Saran Wrap?

The Aftermath:

The Princess became really sick on December 23, 1999 and we ended up staying in the hospital through December 28, 1999 and I forgot all about the worldwide crisis. I was much more concerned with my personal crisis of not having showered for 5 days...

The tuna went to every canned food drive in the state.

The water started smelling funky and I used in on the plants.

The Moral:

I'll not get swept up by media-driven-peer-pressure again.

(At least until the next crisis.)


Karen said...

I remember buying hand sanitizer. So when I died of dehydration or starvation or was shot to death by one of the marauding wild gangs, at least I'd have clean hands.

Pattik said...

Happy Happy Birthday Queen B!!
I hope you have a really great
I did the hand sanitizer thing
like previous poster. Still have
some, but you know I have moved
on to the little hand wipes.

Really glad the tuna is gone.

ames said...

But just think, you haven't had to purchase Saran Wrap for 8 years! That's kinda cool.

p.s. Princess's blog is adorable and I love reading it :) She sounds like a really fun kid.

Amy said...

The saran wrap is gone????? It's been part of the family for so long!

Happy Birthday!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

So funny! That is a lot of saran wrap, you kook!

And is today your birthday?
Happy Happy Birthday to you!

SnapHappyInkyMomma said...


Maybe someone will buy you another 8 year supply of Saran Wrap for your birthday!

AG98 said...

Happy Birthday!

Queen Mother said...

Happy Birthday B!!!! I hope you get cake with buttercream icing today!! Have a great day.

Autumn Dahlia said...

My parents bought canned everything. They stockpiled so much stuff in the basement. I don't know what they thought to do with all the potted meat and boiled peanuts. Blech.

Autumn Dahlia said...

Oh and happy birthday! Sorry, I got distracted after "potted meat". Again I say, blech.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

First, are you sure you didn't feed the leftover tuna to your cats? Because I bet they would have gotten rid of it by January 2, 2000, if given the chance.

Second, the fact that you bought enough Saran Wrap for EIGHT STINKIN' YEARS had me doubled over with laughter.

Third, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend. I hope you enjoy your evening. If I could, I'd get you a huge box of Saran Wrap for your special day. Because I hear you're out.

momof2 said...

That's an awesome story! I heard about people stockpiling a ton of food and water, batteries and flashlights for the whole "Y2K" thing, but you're the first saran wrap stock-piler I've heard about.......I wonder if there were any aluminum foil stock-pilers out there? Just a thought:-)

BTW, Happy Birthday!