Tuesday, January 8, 2008

As My (Throbbing) Mind Wanders

I hate to whine (be nice and stop laughing), but I must tell you that I've had a pounding pain in my head for 3 days. Without any improvement. My brain cannot hold a thought for more than 2.4 seconds. So I think I'll just empty it and post all that is rattling around up there.

Possibilites for the origin of my headache:

  • It was 9 degrees last Wednesday and has been 73 degrees since Saturday.

  • Guitar Hero

  • The amount of stuff that comes out of the right side of my head when I blow my (very dry) nose.

  • I am paying The Princess to sit and shred all of the credit card applications sent to The Palace since 2006.

  • She's on hour 7. (No, we haven't had her sit for 7 hours and shred. We gave her a lunch break.)

  • Cat dander - it is multiplying

  • Have I mentioned Guitar Hero?

  • The King's end of the year filing

  • The King's end of the year bookkeeping

  • The King's regular bookkeeping

  • Selecting a book for February's bookclub (take pity. send ideas.)

  • The reality of how much gray is in my hair.

  • People wearing too much perfume. I'll not name names.

  • The error message that keeps popping up on my computer that says something about "memory", "lost" and "terminated".

  • The thought of The King disassembling said computer to "fix" the problem.

Other things that fill my brain:

  • It is really sweet that The Princess enjoys Noggin on TV, but the little ditty that they play every commercial break, "...jams are the jelliest, socks are the feetiest, birds are the tweetiest..." is really. grating. on. my. nerves.

  • Yes, she is 10 and she still loves Noggin. We think it's sweet.

  • Do you think that the middle judge on Dancing With the Stars feels left out of the Dance Wars show?

  • I'd have loved to watch Dance Wars. The silly little tornadoes that are all around us are forcing the weather people to be on non-stop. Whatever.

  • Isn't it kind of weird when the weather people announce the track of the tornado and they name all these towns that are really close but you've never heard of them? Who knew there was a Chewey, Arkansas?

  • If you live in Tornado Alley, you know that a few years ago "tornadic" became THE word for storms. It appears the word for 2008 is "congealed". The weather dude has said "the storms have congealed" no less than 17 times.

  • Why is it that when you cook something in the crock-pot all day you don't want to eat it for supper?

  • I think it is because I've smelled it all day. Yuck.

  • Do y'all feel like you are getting second rate medicine that won't work when you don't get the sinus medicine that is behind the counter?

  • Do y'all feel like they are going to arrest you when you sign for the "real" Sudafed for the 3rd time in 2 months?

  • I think I'm sending The King to the pharmacy today.

  • When will there be another TV show as good as Mad About You, Friends or Seinfeld?

  • Is there one and I don't know about it?

  • This is the nastiest thing I've seen in awhile. And I saw it on Noggin.

  • If any of you know that it is not, in fact, nasty, please tell me. Otherwise, I will continue believing that turning cat poop into liquid is the sickest thing ever.

Maybe it is just me.

Please come back tomorrow. I'll try to get it together.


Robin M. said...

Mad About You has always been my favorite sit-com. I absolutely love it. Too bad I never even see any re-runs anymore...

Jeni said...

Sorry about the headache. I can totally sympathize. I think waking up with a headache is just wrong, especially when it's the SAME headache you've been toting around for days. Aren't you supposed to wake from a good night's sleep feeling refreshed and ready to handle the day?!?

And have you been using saline nasal spray? Seriously, before bed and first thing in the morning, it totally helps. Won't completely keep the problems at bay, but totally helps.

Karen said...

I don't know that you missed all that much on Dance War last night. I think I will probably like it more as it goes along (I enjoy watching Carrie Ann and Bruno) but I spent so much time feeling sorry for all those poor people who got dumped that I didn't really enjoy the journey. (and oddly enough, I kept thinking that Bruno wears his pants too tight.)
We are expecting your storms to head our way today so I guess I will figure out what the new local buzz word is here.
I hope your headache goes away. Maybe now that the storms are gone, the pressure in your head will return to normal.

Org Junkie said...

Check out Samantha Who, hilarious!

pinkmommy said...

People wearing too much perfume is quickly becoming my pregnant nose's #1 pet peeve.

I watched part of Dance Wars last night. My only problem...I really can't stand Carrie Ann.

Have you ever watched The Office? It is the first show is a long time that actually makes me laugh out loud.

Kelly said...

Ditto to pink mommy on "The Office." My husband and I were a bit late to the party, since we just started watching it this summer on vacation (the beauty of DVDs!). But we love it...and consequently we HATE the writers' strike!

Angela said...

My sitcoms of choice are How I Met Your Mother - cbs, My Name is Earl and The office on nbc. With Earl, I was forced to watch it twice against my will and then became converted. HIMYM was the same way.

Anyway even better than a saline nasal spray is a saline nasal gel. I've been using them for a while now and hte gel actually sticks around for a while and gives real lasting help. Sinus irrigation, water up one side and out hte other, salt water mind you not plain and adding baking soda helps to, but its totally intimidating and even now when the doctor tells me to do it I'm like blegh but it feels better than anything else in the world. That stuffed up dry yucky feeling is gone because you've fulshed everything out. There are some great squeeze bottle out there, sinus rinse brand I think, for making it easier without having to pour it into your nose. Oh, I've been doing it on and off for 6 years and three or four allergists/ents all say its the best thing you can do. So good luck!

The Fritz Facts said...

I miss Mad About You. It isn't hardly even on Nick anymore either. So sad.
That stinks that you have been sick. It is not fun. My kids have a bug since we went from -7 to 47 in two days. Love the weather changes!
Definitly send hubby to the store. They wouldn't arrest you, but would refuse you. Happened to me! the things we forget when we have nasty bugs. Get well!

Kimberly said...

I'm not sure what kind of books you like for your book club but...
One of my favorite authors was Chaim Potok. He wrote "The Chosen" and it is an especially good book for a group to discuss.
Although the main characters are two males in high school, growing up in NYC in the 40s, this book will grip any reader and suck them right into the story. I found it hard to put down! And I've re-read it a couple of times (I'm weird that way.)

Kelly said...

Just now I was watching weather and I can already expect to see some 30 something year old redneck female, with rollers in her hair and a few missing teeth, reporting how she hunkered down in her trailer while the storm just ripped the top off and flung her across the creek in the neighbors pasture.

Shootin' It Straight ... said...

Been reading for a while now. You are a delightful break in my homeschooling day. So sorry to hear you are so ill with the creepin' crud. Just finished a book by Fannie Flagg (Fried Green Tomatoes gal) and loved, loved, loved it. It is called Standing in the Rainbow. Lovely, addictive characters you will find yourself wondering about for a very long time after finishing the book. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Pattik said...

Thanks for giving The Princess
a lunch break. I know what a good
worker she is.

Sounds like we are talkin sinus
infection girlfriend. Better
see a Dr. Hope you feel better.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

My book club is going to read Eat Pray Love, it's supposed to be good. And also one called Water for Elephants.
You could look into those.

Good luck with your headache.

Donna Scott said...

I just found your blog and absolutely love it. Especially this post. I am right there with you sister! I have had a headache for days and the weather is crazy! visit me sometime on my blog. You are in my prayers and I will visit often.

Donna Scott

Headless Mom said...

I'm with you an the tv shows. It is a vast wasteland, my friend. I've just stuck with my old stand by ER...

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Okay that cat thing was crazy! And I miss Mad About You, Seinfeld & Friends! The 3 best shows ever! So now I don't watch TV, in protest for bad TV...

Anonymous said...

I have never ever....left a comment on a blog!! I cannot help to leave one now, Queen B!! This was absolutely hilarious! Sorry...back up....not the headache and nose crud, but your ramblings!! Oh my gosh...I am so glad that I am not the ONLY one that rambles!!!

I must tell you that when I'm battling a sinus infection (which it sounds like your case), I will lay my head on a heating pad. It soooooo helps to dull the pain, and it also helps loosen any congestion in your sinuses (if you haven't already blowed that along with the rest of the state of Arkansas out of your nostrils.

Also...you must live close to NWA like I do; hence, I have laughed so hard at our weathermen and their "terms" for the storms!! I really like Garrett Lewis, but he belongs in a classroom!!! haha!!!

Sista...I pray that you get better soon, and I don't know HOW I navigated to your site, but I LOVE reading it!!! I cannot wait for the day that I can be a SAHM and start my OWN blog!!!!

Hang in there!!! This too shall pass....quicker than a Guitar Hero marathon!!! :P