Monday, January 7, 2008

I Do Not Heart Guitar Hero

I have never been, nor will I ever be a video game player. With the exception of Frogger and Pitfall - the Atari versions - I stink at video games.

The Princess received Guitar Hero for the Wii for Christmas and after trying 270 times to get it this weekend, I have officially quit making an attempt at playing. No more games for me. It is absolutely impossible for my eyes, left hand and right hand to do 3 different things at one time.

I don't get that. I can cook dinner, do laundry, check homework, talk on the phone and send an email at the same time, but I've got no multi-tasking game skills.

The King says it takes practice. I have so many better things to do with my time than try to become good at fake guitar playing.

Presently, The King and Princess are not speaking to me due to my bad attitude toward the Guitar. (Those silly rock star wanna-bes.)

Maybe it is the blaring Metallica in the background that takes me back to all things wrong with high school.

I momentarily tried channeling my inner Pat Benetar...but now I just feel old.

And not very coordinated.

And like I could use a set of ear plugs.

Rock on.


Karen said...

Um...if you feel that your life will not be complete without playing some kind of video game, maybe you should try something like Harvest Moon. When my son crawls into his video cave, I play that while he is busy destroying the universe or some such silly thing. Or you could just go do your own thing and leave all that silliness behind. (sounds like a good excuse to go shopping or get a manicure. After all, they're occupied with their fun stuff, right?)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I say you pull out the old "I'm actually really, really good at this game but I don't want to damage your self-esteem, honey" excuse.

And then find an arcade that has an ancient copy of Frogger to console yourself.

chilihead said...

I refuse to believe that there is anyone alive that does not love GH. La la la la la la la, can't hear you!

I suggest buying the 80s version so you'll know the songs. It makes a huge diff if you know the songs. ;) And sneak the practice while they're at school/work.

Amy said...

I am so with you...remember Husband and I playing the Wii with you guys a year or so ago...oh my!

Jeni said...

I don't understand the attraction for music video games. I love music, and I love (certain) video games, but combining them doesn't sound fun.

Since you've got a Wii, you should get Paper Mario, and I'll play it vicariously through you. I had it for the N64 and the Game Cube, and I loved it. It's more of an adventure/puzzle type game than a shoot-'em-up stressful game - which is what most of them seem to be. That or sports.

Org Junkie said...

I was the queen of space invaders Atari version, I so with you on this one!

The Mama said...

Sadly, I do not heart GH either for all the same reasons that you stated. In addition, it makes me sick to my stomach to watch the screen. I pity my daughter and the total uncoolness of her mama by the time she is ready for video games. However, at the rate toys from our childhood are making a come back, perhaps Atari will be all the rage and I will be cool again. Or at least closer to cool.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Let's meet for a game of frogger and show those guitar wannabes a REAL game!
I downloaded the original pacman and Mario Brothers onto our Wii, and I'm proud to say I've still got it!

Autumn Dahlia said...

Now I likes me some video games, but I hates me some super-mega repetition of songs. Hearing the same 6 songs over.... and over... and over... makes me want to shove sharpened pencils into my ears.

Huh, wha? Too much?

The Fritz Facts said...

You are not along! I can't get it either. I don't even try. I am just not good at those sort of games. Give me Mario any day! Plus, it kills my hands after a little while.