Monday, December 31, 2007

The Palace: Cotton Bowl Edition

I feel that I need to get a few random observations and issues out of my head so that I am able to continue with my long weekend in Dallas in peace.

1. The HOV lane actually stands for "hostage on vacation". My dear, sweet King accidentally managed our vehicle into the carpooling lane. On which no one else in the entire state of Texas was driving. He felt that he was driving on his own personal speed limit whatsoever. We were stuck on this maddening path for miles and miles. The barriers that were so-close-to-us kept us from getting off. I was truly fearful we might end up in Houston...though we would have arrived in record time. The HOV lane finally spit us out right at our hotel. Divine intervention.

2. Our newly remodeled hotel is very nice. Its rooms are sleek and modern and my chi is good. If I have any chi. My chi was not so great when I discovered that sleek and modern means no bathtub, just showers. Do minimalists not take bubble baths? Why do they have good chi if they can't submerge in bubbles?

3. Though I whine about the shower, its dual head wonderfulness felt pretty great. Until last night. When only one temperature of water would come out...boiling. And we discovered this when The Princess screamed bloody murder. (Great parenting, don't you think?) A repair man had to come up to our room to tell us that the lines have been switched today and we only have boiling water in our shower and sink. So, we had to go to the Queen Mother’s room to shower. Three floors up. After my shower, I was seen by strangers in a robe and wet hair on an elevator. The King is hoping that we’ll get a free night out of the deal.

4. Our hotel toilet has the most powerful flush that I've ever seen. I jump every time it flushes.

5. I've never seen anything quite like the mob of men sitting outside of Anthropologie yesterday. There were, like 47 of them lined up on a bench just outside the store. Dudes, they've got really comfy couches inside...just ask The King.

6. We, as a familial group, have a difficult time choosing where to eat a meal. Yet we're quite good at saying "no" to the suggestions of others. I'm just sayin'.

7. Under Armour is not my friend. Anticipating very cold temperatures (what? In Dallas?) we had to make a run to the Sporting Goods Megaplex to load up on cold weather gear. The King, who has an athletic build, suggested that UA is just what I'd need. Uh-huh. So, I tried it on. I did. If you'll recall, I hinted at my dislike of neck-touching-things. Let's add to that disorder a dislike of skin-tight, close-fitting, body-hugging things. But I also have a dislike of cold. So I thought I could handle it. Until I put on the pants. I think it is safe to say that spandex pants are not my most flattering look.

8. The King has a good heart. Yesterday morning he noticed an older gentleman on the side of the Tollway struggling to change a flat. So he drives 2 miles to the next exit, takes the exit and gets back on the Tollway going in the opposite direction, gets off 2 miles the other way past the man's car, takes the exit and gets back on the Tollway and goes back to help the sweet man. I got some really funny pictures of the whole thing, but the camera is in the car and The King, good heart and all, refuses to go get it. Pictures of Bernie Mac, The-Complementary-Fix-It-Man-Provided-by-the-Great-State-of-Texas and his Deputy could have provided days of blog fodder. Let's just say they didn't really mind The King doing most of the work. Also, “plumber butt” could now be referred to as “highway butt”. Truly, I was really proud of The King. We need all the help-with-a-flat-mojo we can get, because if I ever have one...I have NO idea what to do besides cry.

9. Today, we are off to The American Girl Boutique & Bistro. It just sounds expensive, doesn't it? The King would prefer that none of his man-camp friends know that he is forgoing the Razorback Pep Rally and Parade for lunch reservations at a doll store.

10. Note to Parents: Be careful when giving a time-specific deadline for something you have no intention of doing. When you say, "we'll do it over the Christmas Break", that time will actually come. When The Princess began asking to do her own blog the afternoon that I posted my first blog entry, I said something to that effect. Because it was in October and Christmas Break seemed really far away. And I thought she might forget. Yeah, right. So, The Princess now has her own blog. Accompanied by lots of rules.

  • if she drives me crazy over it--she's done
  • if she posts without showing it to me first--she's done
  • if she cries once or argues with me about it--she's done
  • if she gets a freaky or scary comment--she's done
  • if she shows any of the signs of blog obsession--she's done.

(If only someone would have given me rules.) So, you might dash over and tell her hi. She’s 10 and everyday is an emotional roller coaster and it would put her in a good mood and that benefits us all (or, well, me.) And I'll never ask you to do it again. Plus, each of us needs to do our part in bringing up the next generation of bloggers.

11. I love spending time with my family. Sometimes just getting away from the laundry, phone, dust and errands is such a blessing. But we’re not able to leave behind the computer. Never the computer or the Crackberry. Baby steps.

12. When the repairman came to "fix" the shower, he left the door open and I almost whispered to The King, "make sure the cats don't get out". I needed to get away. (Which causes me to immediately panic over what Oliver is currently involved in.)

13. I feel certain this will come up again, but The King really digs his Christmas present. He has played it A LOT. It has been really great for waiting on us while we’re shopping. He has not complained once. Though, every once in a while he screams, “They’ve gained 7 points on me!” or “Why did I listen to Madden’s advice?”

14. I’ll try to never post this long about boring stuff ever again. I have no intention of sticking to it, but at least I am acknowledging that it is too much.

15. The weatherman just said the temperature at kick-off Tuesday will be 32 and breezy. Maybe I’ll wear that nasty spandex after all.

Have a great last day of 2007.


Amy said...

Glad the King was able to HOV you to Dallas safely. Sounds like the blogging material is bountiful. Have fun, be safe, be warm and Happy New Year!

pattik said...

Can't wait to see the photos!!
You really do crack me up!
Happy Happy New Year to all
who resides at the Palace!!

Donna said...

Your daughter's blog is great! My own 10 yr old daughter is going to love reading it too. She loves all the same things and is dying to see AG Place again!!! Please write all about the Boutique and Bistro. I am curious how it differs from the main AG "Place". You will LOVE it! Your blog always puts a smile on my face. Happy New Year!

Queen Mother said...

Are we having fun yet?

Rebecca said...

What are the signs of blog obsession, anyway? Seriously.

You might consider using comment moderation on The Princess's blog. That should prevent potentially "icky" comments from making it to the Web.

I think it's fantastic that she's doing this. Good for you for letting her.

FabTheMayor said...

Silly girl, do they not do undercover news reports about how clean your hotel room isn't?? That's why there isn't a tub in your room...take a bubble bath in the comfort of your own home; take a shower in a hotel.