Friday, December 28, 2007

High Cotton

Tomorrow morning we are off to Dallas to cheer on the Razorbacks in the Cotton Bowl.

I've taken down the Christmas decorations.

I've thought about packing.

I've some concerns that Oliver might destroy the house in our absence.

This morning, The King was working at his desk when he noticed Oliver was perched on the very back of a chair. He felt as if Oliver looked back at him as if to say, "Watch this". And then Oliver soared to the mantle.

Above the fireplace.

The mantle.

The King then dove for the floor to catch the beautiful decorative plate that was plummeting toward the cold hard floor.

Which he caught. (Props to The King. He did mention something about knowing that the cost of replacing the beautiful decorative plate and its companion would probably lead to a new clock and who-knows-what-else and he figured the broken bones he might suffer would pale in comparison to the cost of one broken plate at The Palace. Whatever.)

I came into the kitchen yesterday morning to find that Oliver was squeezed on top of the microwave which is encased in the top cabinets in my kitchen.

Apparently Oliver has just discovered that he can jump.

That just does not bode well for The Palace.

So, while we are rooting for the Hogs and welcoming the New Year, I will pretty much constantly be uneasy about the destruction and ruin concurrently taking place at The Palace.

Your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.


Headless Mom said...

OOOh Pigs! Wish I could go. Get loud for all of us, K?

Karen said...

We came home one day and were unable to find one of our cats. We followed the frantic meowing to find that she had jumped on top of the tall corner curio cabinet and then had fallen back behind it. We recently acquired a particularly fat cat hoping that he would not jump. (something about being too heavy to get off the ground.) Can I just say that we were wrong. Good luck!

Rebecca said...

Ah, kittens... :)

God love 'em... and you and The King for your patience.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time in Big D!! Hope
Oliver doesn't get into to much
trouble while you are gone. Not lookin to good!! PK

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Maybe you could just lock him in a room?



Cats would never submit to that, I know. But I couldn't help but suggest it.

(Wiping tears from eyes.)

Queen Mother said...

I hope you remove any mantle contraband before you leave for your trip. Let's just say...Oliver will have a looong time to think about that mantle.

Fresh Girl said...

Oh, Oliver sounds a great deal like my cat Pumpkin. She often jumps up on the living room mantle and there have been a few things crash to the floor. And then there was a Christmas bell that was sitting on the piano, until she took her little paw and politely tapped it over and over until she tapped it right off the side. Into the trash the broken pieces went...

I hope your house is still standing when you get home!

Oh, and GO HOGS!!

Lisa@Take90West said...

I love bowl games! I wish we were going to one this year. Hope you have so much fun!

(and your house makes it through the weekend!)

chickadee said...

well have fun! my husband would love to be there but we'll just watch on tv.