Thursday, December 27, 2007

Swap 'Til You Drop

Due to the tattered condition of my unmentionables, I made a request to the Queen Mother for a small number of brand spanking new ones.

She obliged. It is much appreciated by all residents of The Palace.

She ordered an assortment from Victoria's Secret, and excluding one peculiar plaid collection, did very well.

Victoria, on the other hand, experienced a little glitch.

She was offering a pair of slippers with every order or something, but had run out of the slippers. So she substituted with pajamas. Which is very nice. She did not have to do that.

I think Victoria thought it might be an effective way to rid herself of some of her merchandise that was, um, a little bit out of date.

By a few decades.

When neon bows and buttons have been worn as an 8th grader, it is not recommended that they be worn again. 20 years later.

A second set of surrogate pajamas was sent to replace an item that they no longer had in stock. Generally, I would think Victoria would want you to pick your own alternate item. At least this pair was a little less dated.


I have only been wearing pink for a few years. I banned it from my person at a very young age. I have not yet welcomed bows. So, this pajama top leaves me feeling pretty resistant.

And though I feel I have shared much with you all, I have yet to disclose my hostility toward anything touching my neck. This top will not do. I would have a breakdown after 37 seconds.

I feel terribly uncomfortable whining about free pajamas.

But I must.

(I think the Queen Mother would have been wise to blame the plaid bra on a similar replacement situation that fell beyond her control.)


Anonymous said...

That is so bad!!! Apparently Victoria was sick... EXTREMLY sick.

Queen Mother said...

THAT'S what victoria's secret is...dumping tacky merchandise!! Oh I see. Let me just say...THEY WERE AWFUL

Amy said...

I think Victoria has flown the coop and taken any good pjs with her!

momof2 said...

A good marketing strategy for PJ's, in my opinion, would be similar to that of a hotel. Give away free ones that are comfy, tastefully decorated, and make you want to come back for more. Instead, it has been my experience that free hotel rooms are usually NOT comfy, horribly decorated, and make me want to NEVER actually purchase the item myself....much like your free PJs. Hopefully, Victoria will read your blog and realize her extreme marketing mistake and rush to give you the most lush, comfy PJs known to your choosing ofcourse:-)

Org Junkie said...

Egad! How frightening for you!

dcrmom said...

LOL. Too funny. And I love your blog design. SO CUTE!