Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh No You Didn't

Before I begin, let's think back to hunting season...

You may recall that The King's Man Camp is loaded. We joked and laughed about their wireless internet and dishwasher. Well guess what? They now have a washer and dryer. For real.

I find it ironic that The King only changed clothes once in 5 days, yet feels the need to be able to wash and dry his bed sheets.

The best news that I've been given about the upgrades to Man Camp is this...

This fine piece of motor vehicle is The King's new hunting ride. He is so excited because it has a heater. Nothing says roughing it like climate control.

If you really want to see something nice, check out its back view...


You'll notice that the back has been cut out. I'm certain that will help the efficiency of the heater.

The King thinks he needs to add a stereo.

That should double its value.


Queen Mother said...

It might be worth.....oh, maybe $2.00 now.

Lisa@Take90West said...

That King is a man who takes his hunting very seriously!

Queen Mother said...

Maybe I was hasty. Let me do higher math for this calculation. Let's see....4 tires + 2 lights + 2 doors + HEATER - (minus) back of truck + dishwasher in the "camp" +
state of the art internet/cable tv system -(minus) no Wii gamesystem + new washer and dryer + clean sheets -(minus) no shower (by choice)-(minus) no clean clothes (also by choice) + yapping hunting dogs (yes, correct that is a plus) + a motor + gasoline in the tank - (minus) the huge fine some animal group will give for those cages in the back (who rides there? the deer? maybe that's why he doesn't see them!!!) I digress, back to calculus: Hmmmmm Oh I DID MISCALCULATE.....HE owes YOU....Yeah like a long trip to the beach, a new wardrobe, a new vehicle yourself or like AN APOLOGY FOR BUYING THAT....THAT...insult to motor vehicles everywhere. Please tell us that the Princess does not stick a pedicured toe in the deathtrap truck. HaHA I love you, King!!

Anonymous said...

It could be worse, it could be
parked in your driveway!!! Did
someone say El Camino?