Monday, December 10, 2007

Why Must Times Change?

This is an embarrassing confession.

I went to the local camera store a few weeks ago and asked for a camera with film.

Not the big lens professional looking film camera. Rather, the little $25 camera where you just stick in a roll of film and take it to be developed and use the pictures that you want kind of film camera.

I have been a scrapbooker. I love it. I have every moment of The Life of The Princess documented. Well, every minute until my film camera died. 2 years ago.

I've tried 3 different digital cameras. I don't like them. I don't like them at all. I don't understand them. I don't see the efficiency of looking at them on my computer and then getting that card thing to the store and all that. I know it is supposed to be simple. Not for me.

So. I've just purchased digital camera number 4. I had a little lesson at the camera store. (This is after the humiliation of the camera store lady saying, "Um. We don't sell cameras with film anymore." Whatever, lady. You should.) I think I can maybe do this camera. I am feeling almost confident.

This camera has caused me to believe that digital scrapbooking may be the end to all of my troubles. Maybe. I don't understand it at all. I have no idea how it works. But I think it is for me.

I've got 4 gazillion pictures stuck on some little card that has been through 2 years and 3 cameras of pictures. The thought of preserving my memories and doing the whole thing on the computer and never having to deal with that scary kiosk at Wal-Mart sounds pretty great. But I still don't know where to start.

If you can give poor me any suggestions on where to begin this digital scrapbooking stuff, I'd be so grateful. And The Life of The Princess could be documented past the 2nd grade.


ames said...

I haven't heard about digital scrapbooking but I know an awful lot about messing with pictures on the computer because I'm a graphic designer. The most obnoxious part of digital cameras is getting the printing right so you'd be dodging a bullet making a digital scrapbook. I'm not much help otherwise, but if you want to ask me about color or contrast adjustment, feel free :)

What kind of computer do you have? There's probably a lot of software that makes it fairly easy, especially on a Mac. I think it would depend on the end product you want (powerpoint presentation, slideshow, DVD, etc.)

The Fritz Facts said... has some that you can use. You build it on their website and they will send it to you. I think any of the online photo places have that feature (winkflash, snapfish, kodak etc)
Also, if you use a scrapbook company, we have Creative Memories, they have it on their website as well. You upload your pictures, play around with them and the fun things you can put in the book. They turn out really nice.
Good luck!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Oh girlfriend! I'm here for you.

(And I'll even pretend -- for you -- that you didn't say all those nasty things about digital cameras. Because I [heart] my digital camera and have decreed that it should be buried with me. Amen.)

I started building scrapbooks on Shutterfly a few years ago. Like most scrapbooking, there is a learning curve and it requires a good deal of organization before you begin, but once you get started? Oh my word. I had a year's worth of photos scrapbooked in a week. And the cost? Less than $100. Try making a Creative Memories scrapbook for that.

But lately, I've been annoyed with Shutterfly, so I've downloaded the (free!) software from Picaboo, which has WAY more options than Shutterfly, and I'm hoping to try it out this week. I'll let you know what I find.

byrumnews said...

There are quite a few good digital scrapbook sites. I love Ro send out a newsletter with all sorts of tips to use photo software. Check it out.

AG98 said...

2 comments to 2 posts in 2 days - wow!

Anyway, I'm here for you!
I started digital scrapbooking a little over 1 year ago. It is fabulous! I HEART it, mucho! I was a paper scrapper, amassed a pile of paper and embellishments only to move onto digital.

Anyway, I met this girl that owns the website: - visit it - digital scrapbooking. She offers classes to teach digital scrapbooking. I took one of her classes and took off with it right away. I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0, but am hoping to upgrade to 5.0 or 6.0 around 12.25. It's so simple! I think Ashley (PDP) is goint to start offering some online classes of some sort. But visit the site, send her an email, send me an email - whatever - I'm here to help and convert you to digital!

OH, and don't visit my blog - I really haven't done anything with that! I've been too busy documenting my princesses live in full color digital! HAHA!

jennifer said...

I think you can do digital scrapbooking through

Good luck!

Fresh Girl said...

Well, I don't do the digital scrapbooking thing...just started getting into the hands-on kind, but I LOVE for storing my photos, and I use Shutterfly for developing them. Also for calendars and photo books. I've been more than satisfied, and it's very easy!

Lisa@Take90West said...

Love my digital, but I do break out my old film camera for the zoom lense. And I love it, because it takes the picture so much quicker! The moment has usually passed when my digital finally snaps the pic.

I love to scrapbook, when I have the time, which is never, and I would love to know how to digi-scrap. There are a lot of blogs on it to view other peoples digi layouts, but I also have no idea how to even get started. I wish I did.