Friday, December 21, 2007

Nothing Says It's Christmas Break Like Getting Teeth Ripped From Your Head

Being the great mom that I am, I scheduled The Princess a little teeth extraction for the first day of Christmas break.

Back in October, we were informed of the possibility of orthodontia. We made the appointment and the orthodontist said he hardly ever puts braces on 10-year-olds. Except for when they have a problem that will get worse if they wait.

Surprise, surprise...

The Princess has a gargantuan permanent back tooth that is stuck up in her head. It is the size of 3 of her baby teeth. If we don't make room for it, some horrible thing that I don't remember might happen. So, we have to pull 2 baby teeth and get the braces on pronto.

Oh, and spend $6000.

Now, follow my logic: if we pull them on the first day of her break, she won't have to dread it the rest of the break. It will be behind her. Right?

You might recall from her last appointment, she really didn't like the "squirt" (the one with the needle). We prayed about it. We talked to anyone who might listen at the dentist's office about it. You know what? The squirt was no big deal. She sailed right through it.


Pulling 2 teeth that ARE NOT LOOSE from the head of a child is pretty close to torture. Forget that waterboarding stuff...pull the bad guys' teeth.

Bless her little heart, she was shaking in the chair sobbing. Sobbing. I had to sit on my hands so that I wouldn't rip the torture device from the dentist's hand.

Let me just show you the immovable beasts that were trapped in my sweet child's noggin...

Look at these babies!! I mean that literally. They are baby teeth!!

You can thank me later for the grayscale. I am sparing you from gore that might otherwise ruin your day.

She bled for 2 hours. She was not able to eat. She has holes the size of dimes in her mouth.

The only thing that she thought might possibly make her feel better was a manicure. (Actually a manicure/pedicure, but I had to draw the line.)

The Princess would like for you all to see the results.

What do you think the cure-all for her braces will be?

Tune in on January 21, 2008...


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Oh, the things I have to look forward too.

Jeni Allen said...

Poor girlie. Prepare for a lot of pain when the braces go on, too - I had them as an adult, and I couldn't eat or sleep for a few days. Make sure you've got Tylenol, orthodontic wax, and a numbing ointment for mouth sores!

Queen Mother said...

I'm saying manicure, pedicure, and leg massages to begin with. That will just be the first day!!!Queen Mother better come up with some suitable distractions. Princess, the lime green manicure with the Christmas wreaths on the fingers is PERFECT. You look like the Princess you are!!!

Anonymous said...

Bless your big ole heart Princess!!! You really do have the biggest heart for a little person
I know. Glad that is over. I do
love the lime green fingernails, so
you!! That might just call for a
girls road trip, be thinking!!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

My stars! The poor thing!

It sounds like a manicure was the perfect antidote to all that torture.

And maybe she should eat nothing but ice cream and pudding for the next three days?

momof2 said...

OUCH! I can totally relate though...I had about every tooth in my head extracted by the dentist. And NONE of them were ready to come out, even though I was like 14 years old and should have lost them YEARS earlier! I just wish I would have tried a lime green manicure after each extraction....I'm sure it would have made me feel much better too!

Amy said...

To all residents of the palace: Pamper the princess! Princess, we are thinking about you. D-Man said to tell you that it will get "all better."

FabTheMayor said...

That poor child will be traumatized for life!! Hope she's got lots of good drugs and chicken broth to helpher heal!