Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It will only hurt for a minute

Yesterday was delightful.

My daughter, heretofore known as The Princess (you know, the Queen theme...), had a regularly scheduled teeth cleaning. No big deal. Never had a cavity (not to boast, but don't you think that speaks to excellent mom skills?) Gets a kick out of TVs in the ceiling. She approached the appointment with one teeny worry. Teeth pulling.

Let me pause for a brief history of The Princess's mouth trauma:

2 yrs. old--Falls into front steps mouth first knocking 2 teeth into her gums. Like, all the way into. Like, couldn't see the teeth. No front teeth until permanents come in at age 6.

9 yrs. old--Gets nailed in the mouth with a baseball bat when walking behind the batters box thing. Cracks the permanent front tooth. Loses all sensation of heat. Requires monthly check ups to gauge its status for, apparently, the rest of forever.

Back to yesterday.

For some reason (and I'm certain a fault of her father's--heretofore known as The King--he'll love that) 2 of her permanents have been growing in above the babies. The babies have no idea that they need to come out. A boy in her class called her "Shark Teeth". She has had 2 layers of teeth.

Ok. In the above paragraph, I already broke 2 of my rules. I shamed The King and embarrassed The Princess.

So, going into the appointment, she asks if they will pull the Shark Teeth.

"Of course, not. Dentists never schedule extra time for things. If they feel that they need to be pulled we will have to schedule it for far, far away."

After the 10 minute teeth cleaning (not kidding), the dentist says, "Would you like me to get those 2 teeth out?"

"Sure!" I reply without hesitation. The tears start flowing.

We go into the Extraction Room where a Cute Hygienist asks if we want laughing gas. Well, yes. The dentist comes in to "squirt" some "juice" into her mouth with a needle. (Got it?) She cries a little at first. Then she wails. At one point, she actually screamed. Horror.

The hyperventilation that accompanied the wailing apparently aided in the ingestion of the laughing gas. The Princess begins to giggle uncontrollably. For a while. Cute Hygienist says, "Wow. Normally people don't really laugh".

Dentist comes in. Out pop the Shark Teeth. The Princess gets to choose a pack of Floam to take home (another post for another time).

All is well.

Except for he said we need to schedule an appointment for orthodontia.


Amy said...

Oh my! I love it! You are awesome! I've added to my favorites and can't wait to read some more. You have an awesome way of writing and it ROCKS!

Queen Mother said...

My poor princess!! I hope she got a free pass to Target for all the pain and stress. This is hard for Queen Grandmother (trump) to hear. If I remember correctly, you had your own dental trauma that collectively paid for your first car!! Pray for the Prince to Be. He will have to come up with lots of presents.

Pattik said...

I am so glad you are doing this.
You definately have a talent,
so use it!!! I will be a loyal
reader. Love to keep up with
Princess and her activities and
of course the QUEEN!!