Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Necessities

There are a few mandatory items that a Princess has to have in order to survive her new braces.

In other Palace news: The new Apple computer has arrived. In view of the fact that neither The King nor I know anything about the Mac world, we are remedially switching our stuff.

And The King is under the weather. Which makes for a really fun time of learning something new. With The Princess reminding us how her teeth feel every 48 seconds or so.

So I will probably spend the majority of the day in my closet.

Because we've got another "ice storm".

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Dad. My calendar has only chirped every 10 minutes reminding me that it's your birthday. I wonder why...


Sister Honey Bunch said...

Now how exactly are brownies essential to the new braces?

Autumn said...

We have one of those stupid storms coming our way too. Release the HAVOC!

Amy said...

Princess is my kind of girl, always have chocolate at your disposal! Stay warm today!

Pattik said...

Yum. Double Noodle my favorite!!
Yum. Soft moist brownies. Great
choices for new braces!!

Queen Mother said...

Those mini pet shop things are ESSENTIAL to new braces! Everyone knows that! Have a fun day in the closet. Sounds like that is a good place for you to go

Org Junkie said...

You are a very sweet mommy to buy all the essentials!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

I am a double noodle fan myself!
But what exactly is the package next to the toothpaste? It looks like a package of those teething rings you put in the freezer for babies.

We were just at the ortho this morning, my oldest finally got hers off and my younger daughter had her brackets go on today. She's doing okay, her mouth is sore, but mostly I think she's grateful that there is no more turning of the key at night. She was not a fan of the palate expander.

Fresh Girl said...

Wow, the brownies and the raviolis, 'cause nothing screams haute cuisine like Chef Boyardee, kinda make me want to get the braces put back on my teeth.

Hope the King gets to feeling better.

And yay for the Mac's arrival! I'm so excited for y'all! :)

girlymama said...

My husband wants that computer SO BADLY he can taste it! Seriously!

We're thinking of switching over to Macs in our house. I had one at work and I LOVED it. I teared up when I had to give it back when I quit. Only part of that job I missed ;-)

Good luck with the braces!!