Thursday, January 24, 2008

The More Things Change...

My dad celebrated his birthday this week. Last night he brought over his new Ipod Nano for us to admire. But really he brought it over so we could show him how to use it.

He studied it for a moment and then asked, “Where does the music come out? How do you hear it?”

He is not that old. He should know better.

Which reminded me…

Of the time when I was in college and was test driving cars. I took one that I liked to my Papa’s house so that he could look it over. It had a CD player in the dash. (Um, that sentence made me sound geriatric.) He was certain that the slot was made for 45 speed records. He was so sure that he sent Nannie inside to get him a 45.

By the way, the speed at which she returned in the early 1990s with a 45 speed record was astonishing.

He took the 45 and tried cramming it in my dash. More than once. He also tried more than one 45.

And then he decided that the dash must’ve been made wrong.

Which makes me wonder…

When will technology pass me so fast that I never saw it coming?

And I know you are all thinking that perhaps it already has with this whole Mac mess and you are possibly correct.


Karen said...

Everytime my son has to fix my computer I wonder the same thing.

Queen Mother said...

I can't say a word. Leaving a comment here has been a major accomplishment. That's why we have the Palace, to fix all our electronics!!!

pinkmommy said...

Texting is the technology that has absolutlely passed me by and make me feel I should trade my SUV in for a wheelchair. My little sister is trying to coach me on it, but I just don't get it. It is faster to call!!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

I'm in the dark too. I need my 9 year old to help me get the songs onto my iPod the way I want them arranged. That iTunes is a confusing place for an old lady like me!
I think it's our generation, for me anyway, I stopped working just before I had my first daughter, a little over 10 years ago. And that's kind of when the whole internet/email/computer thing was really taking off. I think if I would've been working during that time I would be more in the loop. Sadly, I don't think I could get any job now that required any computer skills. But remember the Oregon Trail game on the old computers in grade school, where we had like 1 computer for every 4 kids and the screen was black and all the type was green? I had me some mad Orgeon Trail skillz.

Award for you at my blog!

Pattik said...

My technology skills are pathetic.
That requires lots of patiences and
reading instruction books which
I do not have, or do.

That is where G comes in.
My little frogger boy knows more
than me. Like I said. Pathetic.

Laura said...

that is awesome! I can totally see the visual on the shoving the 45 into the dash. Thanks for the comment on my blog- I LOVE yours too! Let me know if you get that nose ring. I want to know if it hurts. :)

Rocks In My Dryer said...

Happy birthday, Daddy o' the Queen! (Though surely he hasn't graduated to reading blog comments...)

Autumn said...

OOoooh that's some kind of visual. But that would be saweeet 'cause I'd be jammin out on some New Edition.

hogphan (shannon's dad!) said...

Tell your dad that even I, of all people, have an Ipod Nano! That ought to really, really make him feel bad!!!! :)