Friday, December 14, 2007

Wrapping It Up

It is that time. Time to wrap the presents.

Wrapping is not one of my gifts. (Ok, that was kinda funny. Wrapping? Gifts? I need to lay off the cocoa.) I generally have one end of my wrapping that is 9 inches too long and one end that has a 3 inch gap. I do realize that if I would scoot the package to the center of the paper that problem would be eliminated. But I don't.

I have abolished all ribbons, bows and other adornments.

It is paper only for me. I only like the thick kind of paper that you have to get at the Hobby Lobby half price event or it is more expensive than the gifts. (I used to make a 5 hour drive to score some Container Store paper until I did the math.) I think the thick paper makes my packages look pretty.

I have tried the gift bags, but the tissue paper gives me fits. Fits. When it tears I almost go into convulsions.

The problem that I can never seem to resolve is how to make the most use of an area of wrapping paper. I stick the gift on the paper...kind of measure it...and cut. I am FOREVER left with an unusable amount of leftover. Unfortunately, I save all the unusable portions because I have spent a fortune on the thick paper. So I have a big pile of junk paper that clutters my wrap area (aka my kitchen table) which makes me itchy.

Eventually I will end up hunched over on the floor in front of the TV wrapping the presents. Until the extreme back pain kicks in and my legs go numb. I think it may send me straight to early onset osteoporosis. That and my lack of dairy.

Also, the reality that people are just going to RIP the thick paper right off of the gift causes me to be somewhat perplexed. Is the lack of sensation in my legs worth the effort? Do people really care? Have I ever been given accolades for my gift wrapping abilities? Well, no. And I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I only use paper with no embellishment. I want to offer a beautifully wrapped present, but not enough to actually do it.

I have a good friend who likes wrapping so much that she used to hire herself out to stores to wrap gifts during the holiday season. Maybe she needs to lay off the cocoa...

I think that the origin of my issue is this: I find the predicament of how to unwrap an exquisitely wrapped gift a little overwhelming. I am not really patient enough to carefully remove each piece of tape. Is it rude to shred it? Should I save the paper? I could add it to my leftover pile, I guess. See? I am just saving my recepients from such bewilderment.

Let's not even get into my struggles with opening taped boxes...


Kelly @ Love Well said...

I've dealt with my own wrapping issues by deciding to ban those silly little scraps from my house. I used to cut the paper to fit the gift exactly. But now, I just measure and cut a piece from the whole roll, top to bottom. Sometimes, this means the gift has too much wrapping paper, paper that I could have cut off and used to wrap something else, someday.

But you know what? The effort of saving the scraps, trying to use them on smaller gifts, etc. wasn't worth it. You're right. They are only going to be destroyed anyway.

It's one of the things I've done to Simplify My Life, and I love it.

FYI: You had me at "wrapping is not my gift."

Anonymous said...

I don't think I could bear to watch!! I am pretty ticky about a
gift that is miswrapped, comes
with the job!!!

Queen Mother said...

Once upon a time gifts were perfectly coordinated under the tree...beautiful paper, large fluffy bows and trinkets to amuse the recepient. Flash forward to 2007..Lucky people get a strip of paper on the box--no bows--some people get a bow on the orginal sack of the store from which it came. You just gotta do what you can do and go with that.

Rocks In My Dryer said...

If you'd use the cheap, flimsy stuff, it would be a LOT easier to wrap!

The Daileys said...

I gotta say.... and I am not particularly proud of it... I used to (WAAAAAAY before kids) teach a class at a local craft store on how to wrap gifts. Sad. Here are a few hints. The expensive paper? Don't do it! HIt up your local dolar store and get lots of variety or wait until your local Walmart or Target has their after Christmas sales ans stock up on the BIG rolls. If you want imbellishment, add meaning with it! I buy 3 or 4 bags of raffia and use it on every gift. It reminds me and everyone I give a gift to (cause I tell them...over and over... it's a sickness I think) that the first Christmas gift was Jesus wrapped in straw. It "ties" your warrping theme together too (yeah, that was an intended pun...)You might end up the relative no one wants to open their gift around, but it will be fun!

Lisa@Take90West said...

I may not have my shopping done yet...but I do have OCD in the wrapping department. And I hate that on floor in front of the TV position. I feel your pain!
But it is worth it for pretty matching presents under the tree with hand tied bows and tags THAT ARE NOT STICKERS!

ames said...

I've used those extra scraps of paper to make gift tags out of, it matches the papers and you can cut an interesting shape if you're feeling festive. And I agree with you on the thick paper, I have issues accidentally tearing corners with the thin stuff (the dog stepping on the gift doesn't help either).

I hear that the only way to protect your back when wrapping is to do so at an enormous table, seated. But I can only find a place clear enough to unroll the paper on the floor...