Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Grinch Who Could Have Possibly Stolen Christmas

My goodness. I am not sure if The King's parents beat him with Christmas tree branches as a small child or there was some other traumatic tinsel event, but he has some serious issues.

His dislike for all things that would adorn The Palace has been accelerating over the past few years.

He nixed the outside lights a few seasons ago. The festive glowing deer were history the next year. He actually questioned if the TREE were necessary last year.

Since, of course, it is...this year he declared that he would not participate in the bedazzling of the tree.

He always puts the golf ornaments on the front anyway.

So, this year his only job was to bring down the goodie from the attic. The attic that has a full size door and stairs leading into it. (Imagine if he had to use a pull down ladder.)

That whole picture in my mind of the sweet family drinking cocoa, listening to carols and joyfully trimming the tree --ain't happenin'.

However, the picture of the Queen Mother and our friend, PK trimming my tree while I watch in awe and wonder is happening. Currently. While I watch.

Thank you, Grinch. This is so much better.


The Fritz Facts said...

My hubby is the same way. If he had his way we woulndn't put up the tree until December 24th and it would come down December 16th. The kids have fun decorating the tree, and he sits and watches from afar. Such a pill he is!

Blogging Basics 101 said...

I feel the same way your hubby does. In fact, I sat on my bum on the couch and watched as the rest of my family trimmed the tree. And before that I begged for us NOT to even get the tree out. Bah! Humbug.

Jeni Allen said...

I totally understand. I've always been the one to do the decorating; hubby just doesn't see the need! Last year my mom and I decorated the tree while newborn girlie slept and hubby was working. Fa La La La La.

Fresh Girl said...

My mom and I have always done the tree trimming. Heck, half the time she's the one who hauls the thing out of the attic. It's better this way though...there's no way my father would put the ornaments in the right places. 'Cause they DO have right places to go, don't they? ;)

Lisa@Take90West said...

My husband is the same way too, he would love to skip the month of Dec. entirely.
The kids and I do all the work, but I wish I had a Queen Mother and friend to do the tree for me! Lucky you!

speechteach said...

I think everyone's vision of that perfect family Christmas is a little off. We are usually traveling for Christmas, so we often don't have a tree. I always try to have some decorations out to get in the mood of the season, but its not quite the same. I'm glad you had some great help decorating though!

BTW, you've been tagged:

antiqueingnana said...

I can assure you that the King was not beaten with branches or taught to be the Grinch at Christmas. It has always been a special time at our house, from the decorating to the very last gift opened. Wonder how he'd feel if Santa forgot to leave him anything or just left some coal in his stocking? He seems to always have raked in a pretty good stash!!!!