Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sweet Smelling Stuff

I am very particular about smells. Something happened in the midst of my pregnancy that triggered extraordinarily sensitive nasal receptors or something. It is like a veil of protection was removed from my poor nostrils.

This is usually a really bad thing. Hamburger meat browning in a skillet often brings on fits of dry heaving (I'm sorry. It's true.) Passing a freshly killed skunk on the road...forget about it. I can smell cigarette smoke from 2 miles out. Can't even enter a store where B.O. is lurking. I break out in hives when I consider certain perfumes. You know the ones.

My hypersensitivity to smells has its benefits. I am like a freakish quality control professional of wonderful smelling products. If I recommend a candle or bath know it rocks. I thought I might share a few.

This product gets rave reviews from me. Mine came from Anthropologie, which is an added bonus in my book.

This is giving me a quick shot of pleasure...daily.

If someone is offering to buy you a really nice gift, this would be a good one. (Blatant Christmas hint to Queen Mother.)

I am seriously particular about candles. Admittedly snobbish. This one fits my criteria. This one made me really happy toward the end of summer. I have strong afffection for this...I have loved it for a long, long time. Fall is in the air with this, though I am interested in trying these.

I know, I know. This is way too much clicking. Sorry. Maybe I'll have a winter edition. I've already found the perfect holiday candle.

Right now, I am going to deal with this, so give me a little sympathy.


Anonymous said...

Right there with ya on the smells.
Are ya gonna keep us in suspence
on your holiday candle? I have the need to know.
Thanks for sharing , your the best!!
p.s. so excited to be the first to comment!!!!!

Amy said...

You actually are liking a candle that has the word "peach" in the name? Have you forgotten our peach waxing of your mother's floor? What a great time I had with you this week! Thanks for the invite!

Rocks In My Dryer said...

I'm a candle snob--I have the perfect shop to take you to when you come for a visit.

Anonymous said...

I can so sympathize with your extraordinary smelling ability....the first sign I was pregnant with my first born was when I walked into an Arby's and literally had to leave b/c the smell of the Arby's sauce (which I had NEVER noticed before)was so overpowering that I thought they must have had an expolsion of the secret sauce.

Queen Mother said...

Speaking of the peach waxing of the floor, NEVER move the hot parifin wax from point A to point B.. oops! Thanks for the candle tips