Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Look...In the Sky

We live in a notoriously "green" town. We have run off plenty of businesses for the sake of a tree. I am making no political statement. I am just saying.

So...I'm driving down a major road in our town, and I see something looming in the sky. It seems to be at least a mile away. What is that? Could it be...? No. Jack and the Beanstalk?

Was it there yesterday? How could I have missed it? Has it been that long since I've been down this road?

Apparently our city leaders feel that the new cell tower was disruptive to the natural beauty of this fine area. (I'm sure they discussed this on their cell phones which were now getting much improved reception.)

This is all I'm asking...

Is this necessary?

Do we think this blends in better than the actual cell tower?

I mean, really, you hardly notice it. I only almost ran off the road and then rear ended the car in front of me. Not distracting at all.

Just take a minute. Digest the photo. Let it really sink in.

You'll notice the tall light pole. The power lines. The altitude of the other trees...what? The other trees? I mean, THE TREES.

Do we now live in Redwood National Park? Are we channeling the Giant Sequoyah?

What in the world were they thinking? It is a cell tower, people. A cell tower. No amount of brown paint and, um, fake branches can make it not a cell tower. It just makes it a stupid brown cell tower with fake leaves.

Less is more. Always.


The Princess said...

This is very true! I like to call it... a piece of artwork. And let me just tell ya, all artwork is pretty.

Queen Mother said...

You have to admit it is a funny sight. I wonder what MAN thought up this idea? It would be interesting to find out!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious....please send it in to Jay Leno. He will show it on the "Tonight Show" I'm sure!

Rocks In My Dryer said...

See? Told you it was blogworthy!

Alison said...

ya'll better be careful or the Today show might come and poach your giant 'tree' for their Christmas Tree next year.

Jen said...

oh my goodness...I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face, literally!!!!!! That is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time!!!!!!!!!

Katz said...

wow. i don't know it that's better or worse than the one that i saw in vegas... surrounded by palm trees.

but they have to make it look pretty, right?

- Linz - said...

This is the most hilarious and ridiculous thing I've ever seen! I love it, LOL. :)

Simply A Musing Blog said...

hahahaha. I'm here via're terribly funny -- and I don't even see the forest for the "tree" that is 50 feet tall. ahem. Never in my life have I seen anything that silly...but hey - maybe for Christmas, they'll slap some lights on it!

Wendylicious said...

We have those all over the place here in So. Cal, only they are shaped like palm trees.

I thought it was just a freaky "land of the fruits and the nuts" thing! LOL!