Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Shopping We Will Go

I am off to the Big City for the weekend. The Princess and I are taking my mother-in-law on a little trip for her birthday. We are all hoping to knock out our Christmas shopping while we are there.

That is not exactly true. My mother-in-law LOVES the morning after Thanksgiving. She is up and at 'em at 4 a.m. with Manhiem Steamroller blasting out of her car on her way to THE ULTIMATE DAY OF SHOPPING.

A few years ago she was tackled by a lady in Wal-Mart going after a $39 DVD player. Serious shopping this is.

She spends a great majority of Thanksgiving Day perusing the sale papers and planning her attack, I mean, schedule. She will know exactly how many whoozits each store is receiving and what time they open. Her instinct is so keen that she will even know what time to be in line for each store.

Not only have I never been with her, I've never been invited. I think I might throw off her mojo or something. THE ULTIMATE DAY OF SHOPPING cannot be hampered by disproportionate mojo.

So...she will buy a few presents this weekend, but I know she's really holding out for THE ULTIMATE DAY OF SHOPPING.

I, on the other hand, will be physically ill if I cannot scratch 99% of the names off my list after this jaunt. The Palace has a much more enjoyable holiday season if the month of December is not about acquiring hard-to-find gifts. I know some of you thrive on being in the mall in the midst of such folly. I do not.

I will try to post updates of our successes and failures, however, my poor little hands may be too weary from hauling all the packages.

Wish me luck.


antiqueingnana said...

I can't wait til we leave for the big city. You are correct, I don't know what I will buy this weekend, cause I will be wondering what Mannheim and I can find on Black Friday. It is the thrill of the hunt! But just for you I am bringing Mannheim along to put us in the shopping mood. I might even teach you my starting signals, then you will be ready for the day after Thanksgiving!!!

Jenmomof4 said...


I came by to visit from Shannon at rocks in my dryer!

I enjoyed reading some of your posts!

Darlene R. said...

Hi! I ventured over from Rocks in my Dryer...aka Shannon.

It's fun to look around new blogs!

Have fun shopping!

Stacey Tate said...

I am coming over from rocks as well. A shout out from her should build you a quick fan base. I love the design of your blog. I am still trying to design things myself. The widgets give me heartburn.

Queen Mother said...

Okay, this is SO going to be a stressful trip. Antiqueinnana better watch out when the Queen B is on a mission. Christmas shopping is a MAJOR SORTIE and should have a name like "Enduring Punishment" or "Operation Grab-it".
B will have ALL the shopping done..probably by tomorrow! You Rock!!!

Anonymous said...

I've only done Black Friday one time. Never again! I've seen people lined up completely around tBest Buy to get inside! Have fun shopping this weekend! BTW, your blog is super cute! I'll check back again!

momof2 said...

I have SO wanted to be included in that group of absurdly early-rising, slightly obsessive, if not a tad too aggressive Black Friday shoppers. The problem? I have only been able to rise out of bed earlier than 5:00 a.m. for 3 reasons: 1. The birth of my 1st child 2. The birth of my 2nd child and 3. An early flight to a tropical destination. So far, fighting off masses of sale-seeking women just hasn't made the list.....yet.

Mrs. Who said...

I started going Xmas shopping on the day after Thanksgiving a few years ago and I was so NAIVE, I didn't realize when they said a sale was over at 9:00, it was really OVER. I have since wised up.

The Preacher's Wife said...

came over from shannon...i have to say I resemble your mom in law..:)) heehee

hope you have your good shopping shoes :)

Lady Why said...

Thanks to Shannon for the 'hat tip' toward your blog! Funny stuff, girlfriend!!

And, I'm all about the "She is up and at 'em at 4 a.m. with Manhiem Steamroller blasting out of her car on her way to THE ULTIMATE DAY OF SHOPPING."!! I think your mother-in-law and I are twins separated at birth. Only seven short days and then let the 'Black Friday' spree commence... oh, and I don't let anyone throw off my mojo either! They can wait patiently at Cracker Barrel for me to join them after a long day of shopping... say around 6am.

Black Friday comes but once a year.
Serious business, I tell you!

BLMOM said...

I just started blogging as well and saw your blog on Rocks in My Dryer. I enjoyed your posts and the design is very cool. I am working on mine now. Have fun shopping!

Liberty said...

Welcome to blogworld! I read about you on Shannon's blog and I look forward to reading more.

chickadee said...

your blog is adorable! also from arkansas. have a great shopping trip.

mimi2six said...

Hi, Queen Bee, I love your blog! Hope you have a great day of hunting.....I mean, shopping!