Friday, November 16, 2007

E. F. Hutton

Oh wow. When Rocks in My Dryer blogs, people listen. Thanks, Shannon for the sweet introduction! I cannot wait to get home from The Big City and read all the fun comments!! (Especially you NASCAR girls. We've got a lot to discuss.)

Due to Technical Difficulties which I cannot spend any time thinking about for fear of ruining my day, I am sitting at Kinko's paying $0.20 a minute. This will be short.

First, I must tell you that my mother-in-law brought along Manhiem Steamroller. We started our morning with a burst of musical happiness. Or at least musical loudness.

I also must tell that I had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. You know how there is a pancake limit and one bite too many is potentially day ruining? I am about a half bite away.

We are off to Ikea. That should take about 3/4 of our shopping day.

Skies are sunny, spirits are high and The Princess is only mildly aggrivated at this point. All systems are go for a great day of shopping madness.

Considering the high cost of my Technical Difficulties, only circumstances that warrant $0.20 a minute will bring about another post until my return to The Palace on Sunday.


Alison said...

i'm so jealous -ikea!! oh, to think what it would be like to have one nearby!

The Daileys said...

I just have to say that I visited your blog at the suggestion of Rocks in My Dryer. I fully expected not to be too impressed, but I finally pulled my eyes away from the screen long enough (when I reached the end of the page and there was no more to read without breaking my concentration...)to leave you a note. I love the way you put things. YOu don't just throw them out there, but you place them on the page with care, sprinkle it with humor and encourage your readers to sit down and chat with you. Bravo on a blog well written and the sense of levity you show. I will be back to read often and I even placed a link to your blog on my own. Thanks for sharing your point of view!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear what weekend shopping adventures were in store for you guys.....Sounds like all elements are in place for some REALLY good blogs to come out of this trip:-)

Queen Mother said...

Can't wait to hear about the day! I hope the Princess aka THE DIVINE MISS M got much of her shopping completed. She's a trooper!!!! Eat at Cheesecake Factory so I can have vicarious banana cheesecake

Bethany said...

I also stumbled upon this blog thanks to Rocks in my Dryer. But I LOVE IT! I can't wait to read more of your blogs. And I'm SOOOO jealous about you heading to IKEA.... will you pick me up a pack of a gazillion tea-lights for $1 :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Here from Rocks in My Dryer. HOpe you have a great time! This is a GREAT blog. You are a great writer and it was fun to read. Good luck on your blogging journey.