Friday, November 30, 2007

The Internal Clock of a Princess

There are a few things in our week that never change. Church is on Sunday. Thursday is Trash Day. We must leave the house by 7:23 on school mornings to make it there on time.

For two years it has been 7:23.

Two years.

Yesterday morning at 7:15, The Princess sat on my bed, fully dressed, eating a pop-tart and staring into space. She asked The King if he thought she was going to be ready on time since we usually (usually?) leave at 7:23. She wondered if we would be leaving at 7:23 today.


I mean, all she had left to do was brush her teeth, brush her hair, put on her shoes and coat, gather her belongings and get out the door.

A portion of those precious 8 minutes were spent in her bathroom.

Her upstairs bathroom.

I am downstairs packing her lunch, checking her backpack, writing her teacher a note and, you know, blogging.

She begins screaming, “Mom, you’ve got to come up here. Hurry! Mom! I need you. Quick, Mom!”

I take the stairs two at a time putting my life at risk.

“What is it, Princess?”

“Can you go into your bathroom and get my hairbrush for me?”

Isn’t it CUTE how time has no meaning to a 10-year-old?


The Fritz Facts said...

Drama plays such a huge part in our kids lifes doesn't it? And seeing how it does take about 10 minutes for Mom's heart to start again after such drama is missed on most kids. Hope your heart started!

Queen Mother said...

I'm still laughing (sorry). You see, I remember fetching stuff for you, drama queen. Just wait until she is in college and calls you at 2 am (again, no sense of timing) and your heart drops thinking the worst. She will be calling JUST TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Sound familiar? What did you think I was doing? Obviously I should have been worrying about you!!! So, get ready. Drama at 10 is weenie compared to drama at 13. I love u.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

To which you might have answered, hypothetically of course, "God gave you two legs, sweetie. Go get it yourself."

To which she might have answered, hypothetically, "But I don't want to. And I'm so tired this morning. (Sigh.)"

It's rough living with drama queens. Hypothetically, of course.

Ambar said...

This is my daughter. However our target time is 8:35am. She's in the bathroom brushing her teeth with no shoes on and her hair was a mess at 8:31am today. I feel your pain lol.

Lisa@Take90West said...

I feel your pain. Our bus comes at 8:02 every morning. For the past 4 years. We need to be ready by 8:02. Somehow the kindgartner manages to be ready, but my 9 year old...she's still getting dressed at 5 to eight. It drives me crazy.

Amy @ By His Grace said...

Sounds like D-Man. I got the blood-curtling scream from him today and I as I ran in to find out what was wrong, he said, "My train is off the track." Heaven help us all!

Org Junkie said...

Your mom's comments crack me up! I have a 10 year old daughter as well, I totally sympathize!!