Friday, November 2, 2007

The Eve of Big Doings

I've got a major decision on my hands: Keep my hair on its intended path or alter its direction entirely.

(A brief history: I am a salon hopper. I admit it. I confess. I have a very hard time staying committed to one stylist. I cannot go to anyone that I might have any personal association with or that anyone I know has any personal association with for fear of the inevitable insult. I will change salons. No question. So, I like to get my hair cut when traveling because I won't hurt anyone's feelings when I bail.)

I am traveling to a big city this weekend for an event which I'll get to later. While there, I have made an appointment for my hair. The last time I visited this city, Johnny cut my hair. He was pretty great. I took a picture of my desired look and he quickly shot it down.

"Not with your face."

I love that. Not sure what's up with my face, but I love that he told me it wouldn't work. So I ask Johnny what my face needs.

"Posh", he replies.

"What was that?" I ask, not knowing what the heck he said...then it hit me...

"Posh Spice?"

"Yes. Victoria Beckham".

Sorry. She'll always be a Spice to me.

Moving along....I kind of nixed the whole Posh thing. A) I refuse for anyone to think I went in asking for Posh Spice's haircut. B) The angle is a little extreme for me. C) I refuse for anyone to think I went in asking for Posh Spice's haircut.

We (ok, Johnny) decided on a Modified Posh. Less angle. Whatever. So now I'm faced with the decision to continue in this awkward stage of the Modified Posh or chop it all off like the cute girl on "The Unit".

Now that I've decided nothing on that, let me tell of the reason for my travels. I have a closet obsession which I do not feel ready to divulge. It is nothing illegal or immoral...I just feel I could be judged. So, I'm not telling quite yet. However, the closet obsession has an event this weekend of which I will attend. I am very excited.

Keep in mind that the quality of the weekend will be wholly shaped by the outcome of my hair cut. The closet obsession event will be less fun for me if I have bad hair.

It is a risk worth taking.


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

So I have to go look at the Posh Spice hair thing. Because my sister and her friend were just talking about it last weekend...and I had no clue what they were on about. I'm off to go google it before the girls get up...

Queen Mother said...

Well... There is just so much here. The parental units have been down this path many, many times. One comes to mind. B went to the Out-of-Town Stylist (OOTS) who turned the chair to face the salon and not the mirror. Results? Cute but drastically short as in the shorest cut we'd ever seen. She called us at the other end of the mall to warn us. Tears! Rage! Recriminations! Advice from qm....RUN Princess! RUN King!
Face the mirror, ditch the "unit cut" and go with modified spice but rename it and smile!!

The Princess said...

Okay... you are so right. You can't hurt anyone's feelings, but you can't have bad hair. That is the truth!!

Amy said...

Remember my trip to the city with the Queen Mohter, Queen B and the princess and my haircut w/ Om. Do you think that was short for omen? Have fun! Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Captain Zero said...

TOO FUNNY, BUT TOO REAL!!! I'm breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it!! If I was to get a vote, I would ditch the Posh Spice thing, ditch the Unit thing, and go with "Big Hair!!!"

Queen Mother said...

Let me guess, BIG HAIR=AQUA NET!!!

witchypoo said...

You know, stylists have a name for people like you. It's hair slut.
Who knew?