Thursday, January 31, 2008

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say, Don't Say Anything At All

We interrupt the regular Palace blogging experience to bring you a post about subject matter that may make you uncomfortable and that you care nothing about.

I have a very important announcement to make: there are 10 days left until my fun begins.

The NASCAR season is almost here.

Woo Hoo!

Stop judging me.

I mean it.


I am going to give you some background. I grew up in a sports lovin' family. My dad was a high school football coach for the first 14 years of my life. When most kids' parents were saying,

"Sally, what are some words that start with the letter C?"

My dad was saying,

"What is the mascot for Washington's football team?"

Or we'd play a game that went like this...

Dad: "Houston?"

B: "Oilers."

Dad: "Cincinnati?"

B: "Bengals."

So obviously watching football on Sunday afternoon after church was our routine.

After The King and I were grown-ups and had our own home, I began to see the value in Sunday napping. So, I would turn on the TV to the most boring thing I could think of and try to sleep.

I picked golf.

That turned out to be an issue for The King, because he was distracted from the sleeping by the golfing. So we reevaluated.

And chose NASCAR.

And it worked. The roar of the engines lulled us to sleep.

Around that time my insomnia issues kicked in. So, why The King would nap, I would watch the race. And I kinda dug it. I began to recognize names. Then I associated them with cars. Then I sort of remembered who won the week before. Then I caught on to the fact that points were awarded to each finishing position and whoever had the most points at the end of the season was the winner. And I'm all about a prize. And a little competition. And apparently really fast cars. And quite possibly the threat of imminent disaster. So I started to look forward to Sunday afternoons.

For a long time The King didn't really know of my obsession. He was napping. Then one day I busted out with a reference to tire pressure and camber and he about fell out of his recliner. He didn't know whether to be frightened or impressed.

He still doesn't.

I think that the best way to describe it is this:

If you are a baseball or football fan, you watch your team play whatever team they are playing that week if their game is on TV. With NASCAR, it is the same racers every week and each race is on TV. So you really get the personalities of the drivers. You learn the rivalries. You see their families each week. Even though a particular driver may not be your favorite, he is still part of the group and you know just as much about him.

And contrary to popular belief, there is a lot of strategy involved.

Now I'm just embarrassed.

I know you can't take anymore. I just needed to share.

Please come back tomorrow. I promise I'll talk about girl stuff.

But I could've gone on.

Stop the judging.


Autumn said...

Outside of the butt cracks and mullets, I think it's a lovely sport.

Ok, sorry... it's fun, it's fun.

Amy said...

I'm there with you, Queen. Although I don't watch as faithfully as I would like, I so love it that you introduced me to the sport; despite the fact that Husband likes to torment both of us with it.

Queen Mother said...

Do you also drive a truck with a flag in the back window? hahahahah

Amy Bennett said...

I'm shaking my head at your description of Nascar...since I live smack dab in the middle of Nascar country, I don't really have a choice about liking it. But around here, we count down until the first race. So tell us, who are your favorites??

The Fritz Facts said...

Now I am not a huge fan of NASCAR. I do like the crashes, as long as no one gets hurt. Now hubby is starting to love it, and is even joining a fantasy NASCAR league...

Teresa said...

Okay...I'm not into Nascar, although if you'd asked me "Cincinnati?" I could have answered "Bengals!"

I saw your name over at Big Mama's and had to come check out the other Queen least we don't share the same state! :o)

Howdy said...

I also am sooooo Happy the NASCAR season is about to start! I started watching many years ago kinda off and on... but like you found that the more you watch... well the more you watch!

I'm a quilter and it was always easy to watch (listen to) and sew on the weekends... two great activities in one! The only downside to taking a job working at a quilt shop on the weekends was not being able to watch all the races live - not to worry - I used the magic of DVR to keep up each weekend. After a few sad occasions where the race ran longer than 'scheduled' - I figured out how to record longer than the show ran - which usually meant I had to make sure there was enough time available to record for 2 hours after the scheduled time - some of those rain delays were wicked!! I hate to miss the last 3 laps of a race...

I introduced my granddaughter (2 to 3 years old) to NASCAR last year - she was already a big 'CARS' fan so it was easy to interest her in the real stuff! She can easily find the M&M car, HomeDepot, Daddy's cell phone (LOL), and Jr's #8 car in the crowded pack zipping around the track.

One quick story - LOL - right! Towards the end of last season I arrived home from working at the quilt shop - ran upstairs found the right channel and hit the record button (forgot to set it earlier). Then I headed back to the kitchen to feed the dogs and make my own dinner. Back up to the DVR and I started playing the race from the point I had begun the recording - yeah I had missed an hour or so but that was OK. Now the other nice thing about a recording is that if you snooze off - you can always go back and watch it again! Well my snooze was interrupted by a phone call from my granddaughter in CA. "GRANNY!! - JR WRECKED HIS CAR!!" She said to me when I answered - I looked up but everyone was still running around the track and Jr. seemed to be up close to the front??? "What?" I said kinda confused... "GRANNY - JR WRECKED HIS CAR!!" she repeated. Well I'm still a bit confused because I just woke up - but then I can see that there are still 80 laps to go on my 'version' of the race. I told my daughter that I was watching the recording and hadn't gotten to that part yet. She apologized - hoped she hadn't ruined it for me - but my granddaughter saw the wreck and just had to call Granny and tell her! LOL
Knowing that JR WRECKED HIS CAR!! still didn't prepare me for that wreck on the final laps of the race with the tire flying off and him slamming into the wall... yep - my granddaughter called it correctly - JR WRECKED HIS CAR!!

Now I'll add that I've recently moved - and (sob) no longer work at the quilt shop (sob) - the only good thing about any of that is that "I CAN WATCH NASCAR LIVE!!" Although I'll still DVR it so that I can watch what I miss if I snooze! LOL

So Miss QB... I'm with ya honey! Zoom, Zoom! Bring um on!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

What, do you live in Arkansas or something?!?

Oh. Yeah. Right.


(I kid, of course. NASCAR is cool. You are cool. I bow to the coolness that is you.)

Anonymous said...

And your driver is?

Laura said...

I too realize how things like NASCAR sneak up on you and infiltrate your brain in places you thought were protected. I feel like that about PFR. I watch the Rodeo recaps whenever I can, thought I'm scared to death to actually get on a horse. And I love watching extreme sports. I can yell in excitement watching a guy catching air in a half pipe and then yell at my kids for running in the house because they might get hurt. Curious hypocrite I am!

Headless Mom said...

Although I haven't yet found the beauty in watching on tv, I definitely love to go to the race. We live near one of the tracks and went to 2 races a couple of years back. Have you attended one? Ooh, honey! Sooo much fun, and the people watching is even better than an airport!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

We have it on here too on Sunday afternoons!
After living in Florida, where I could here the action at Daytona from my back yard every Sunday, we eventually grew into being fans too!
I've been to a few races and they are a lot of fun. Hot, but fun.
Whose your guy???

Anonymous said...

I'll be joining you every Sunday morning....not physically obviously...ha ha

Nothing like a little paint tradin' on a Sunday afternoon!

Rhonda said...

I love NASCAR too! We all have different favorite drivers (mine is Carl Edwards). My hubby is going to the California Speedway in Feb. and I'm trying so hard not to be jealous!! LOL

Anonymous said...

My mother loves NASCAR too! she started watching it with my daddy after I moved out- I guess she was bored- but now she is addicted!And she is a very proper southern lady!

Anonymous said...
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cndymkr said...

Ok, I admit to judging you. Well, not just you but everyone who likes NASCAR. I apologize. I just don't get it. Watching cars race around in circles? I guess it's an acquired taste and who knows, maybe this year I'll watch it too.

Pattik said...

I am not saying anything at all!!

K. Anne said...

Hubby is counting down the days as well. He is actually going to a party for "opening day". Lol.

Shane said...

No judging you here, sister! I'm with you on the whole Nascar thing. I love it too. Can't wait 'til Daytona. Oh, I have to tell you this. My brother's 2 year old daughter is names after the opening season race....Erin Daytona! How's that for a fan?

Simple Journeys said...

Another closet NASCAR fan here. You have to be careful who you divulge that to. We follow it faithfully around our house and have even been to a couple of races. My grandson has enough of the die-cast cars to go "through the field"
We like the Fox broadcasters best. Which is your favorite?

FabTheMayor said...

Girlfriend, the only reason I watch the Superbowl is because that means that Speedweeks is right around the corner : ) Already got my HotPass renewed and my calendar cleared!

Della said...

I have NASCAR fever. Living for those magic words: Boogity, Boogity, Boogity. See you at the races.

Bon said...

Gentlemen, Start your engines ! ! ! I'm so ready.