Monday, November 5, 2007

My Closet Obsession

I'm not really that obsessed. I think obsessed is too strong a word. I simply have a fondness for America's fastest growing sport.

In celebration of that sport, I spent part of my weekend (with 300,000 other lunatics) in Dallas at the...are you ready?...Texas Motor Speedway. I dig NASCAR. There, I've said it. I love racing.

I've been a closet fan for quite some time. I came out about the time that Dale Earnhardt, Sr. died. (Surely you all remember that?) Well, I didn't really come out. I would say I trickled out. Slowly.

It is not exactly what people expect of me.

The race on Sunday was a lot of fun. It is, if nothing else, an incredible people watching experience.

You really see all kinds. I'm not sure that this picture does this fellow justice. He really likes Tony Stewart (that is a driver, people). He has dyed his hair bright orange. His shorts have flames. Enough said.

Obviously, The Princess had a wonderful time.

Is it bad to subject my child to this madness? Probably.

There is really nothing like the roar of 43 engines. WOO HOO!!

I do feel the sport has been given an unfair reputation. It is not just a bunch of rednecks turning left. When I have the energy, I will explain the particulars. I know you are about to burst with anticipation.
There is certainly an element of, well, less than sophisticated behavior. Take, for instance, the marker which we used to find our car...

Yes. You are seeing correctly. This is a blow up doll in a camo bikini.
That is all I've got today.


The Princess said...

Yes, I did have a 'wonderful' time at the race. My favorite parts were the ending,(She will tell you later) the blow-up bikini doll, and the guy who LOVES Tony Stewart. I LOVE him too. That is all I have to say for now.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is hilarious....I'm really enjoying reading it.

Queen Mother said...
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Rocks In My Dryer said...

I have been chuckling over the thought of this all weekend...

Bitsy said...

I LOVE Nascar, too! I thought it was a redneck, crazy sport until my hubby took me to a race. It was amazing. Of course, as you showed in your pics ~ it has it's moments!!!!! Joy, Bitsy

FabTheMayor said...

OK...I'm hooked! The Nascar post did it! I am Nascar addicted. My weekend schedule revolves around Nascar and when it is on TV and where they're racing (I will leave my husband when Dale Jr. comes calling...) I can even play "Nascar Math" - Jimmy Johnson divided by Jeff Gordon = who??

Anonymous said...

I am a closet fan. Tony Stewart? Yum! Dale Jr? Yum yum! Fast, loud rumblin' cars? Oh Yeah! Someday I'm gonna head up to Infineon (Sonoma COunty, CA) to catch a race.